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QuickFuel Essential Products for your Business needs

Your premier source for advanced Point of Sale POS solutions in your petrol station. Discover our top-of-the-line specialty scanners, including handheld and POS barcode scanners, offering high-speed scanning for a wide range of barcode types. Enhance customer interaction with our dynamic customer-facing displays/ screens, perfect for effective advertising and upselling opportunities. Ensure seamless fuel retail operations with our reliable receipt thermal printers and robust cash register systems, designed for hassle-free performance in service stations and QSR. At QuickFuel, our efficient products and integrations are the ultimate solution for all your fuel management needs.

Handheld scanner on table

Specialty Scanners

Easily identify diverse barcodes, even damaged ones, ensuring reliable scanning under any circumstances within your fuel management operations. Benefit from omnidirectional 360° barcode recognition, enabling swift and precise scanning from any angle. Enjoy seamless output of 2D codes without the hassle of USB drivers, with the option for invoicing support using 2D codes for added products convenience.

Customer Facing Displays

Enhance your customer interaction experience and enable effective products upselling. Providing a flexible and professional customer display interface with targeted advertising and promotions.

  • Schedule, manage and feature all advertising digital media from your POS, Back Office, or company’s Head Office.

  • Your device can scale photos, animations and videos on any screen size to fill the display.

  • Coordinate your POS promotions to specific times of the day.

Sceen display for customers showing advertisement
Tablet screen standing on table in white room

Tablets & Gadgets

The smart investment for businesses operating in demanding environments.

  • Seamlessly integrate with an array of third-party products, applications and devices, expanding your possibilities and enhancing your workflow.

  • Empower users with the flexibility to effortlessly opt out or disable data gathering features, prioritising privacy and ensuring peace of mind.

Your Essential Receipt Printer

Utilising direct thermal printing, this printer features a solid chromium-plated auto cutter for precision. It incorporates a dust-proof surface on the paper end sensor and detection sensors for various issues like out-of-paper and more to effectively support your fuel station. Changing the printer's IP is effortless, and includes an error LED light with a beeper hanging device. Retail accessories of products such as a data cable, power adaptor and cord, and paper roller and separator are included for your convenience.

Black receipt printer side view on brown surface
Fusion hardware technology on beige shelf


The key to tying all fuel management duties together, our Forecourt Controllers.

  • Connect with fuel dispensers, ATGs, and POS systems from a diverse range of vendors.

  • Enjoy secure remote access and management capabilities, empowering you to oversee operations even during unmanned hours.

  • Comprehensive reporting features, gaining valuable insights to drive business growth.

  • Stay resilient against short-term power loss with the innovative SuperCapacitor products technology, ensuring uninterrupted reliability.

Personal Stocktaking Device


  • Seamlessly update products information and barcode files, conduct stocktakes, transfers, and purchase requests from any location.

  • Effortlessly send data from the app to the back office.

  • Instantly view descriptions of scanned products on the screen.

  • Automatically detect discrepancies between serial numbers and quantity entries.

  • Enable multiple devices to conduct stocktaking simultaneously at the same location.

  • Export stocktake data onto the local device when the wireless network is unavailable.

  • Simplify stocktaking by scanning a barcode or QR Code and inputting the available quantity of a product.

Handheld stock take device in a light box
Person using EFTPOS machine to pay

QuickFuel stands at the forefront of innovation in the service station and hospitality industries, offering a comprehensive suite of software and hardware POS systems designed to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of features and products from various organisations. With a mission to provide an all-in-one solution catering to every client need, QuickFuel sets itself apart as a pioneer in embracing new technologies to keep pace with fuel management advancements.

Cash Register System


​This robust cash drawer register system opens seamlessly via the Point of Sale POS printer, enhancing efficiency in your petrol station operations. Crafted with solid steel construction, it ensures durability and security for your cash handling needs. Equipped with five note holders, eight coin slots, and two cheque slots, it offers ample organisation options. Featuring steel runners and Derlon rollers, it guarantees smooth operation with every use in your service station sales.

Cash Register with point of sale POS equipment

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