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Two Register Screens Checkout in a Petrol Station

More Essential Products for your Business needs

Kitchen Video Screen

  • Seamlessly bump kitchen orders using intuitive touch screens or the versatile bump box, adapting effortlessly to your unique hospitality or fuel station environment.

  • Showcase detailed products notes, including preparation instructions, effortlessly on any item, enhancing clarity and efficiency.

  • ​QuickFuel offers hassle-free products with zero maintenance requirements, this screen eliminates paper costs and the frustration of printer jams during efficient service.

Video display screen in an industrial kitchen


  • Featuring 6 x 3 Pin outlets, all six provide surge protection, with three offering battery backup capabilities for added products reliability in your service station operations.

  • This device is equipped with fan-less technology, ensuring quiet operation, along with auto-restart and auto-charge functionality for seamless performance.

Power plug unit with australian input charges

Pole Mount

  • This versatile model offers a fixed position on the bench, ensuring stability and convenience. With adjustable screen angles and arm lengths, it provides customisable viewing options tailored to your preferences.

  • Capable of supporting up to two screens, it maximises productivity in your workspace whether it be hospitality or a petrol station.

2 Computer screens attached to a pole in white room

QuickFuel Products

  • QuickFuel offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet every business need for service stations. Our state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions streamline point of sale POS operations, ensuring efficient and reliable service for clients.

  • We proudly supply our products to major brands such as Tasco Ampol, BP, Shell, United, and Liberty, along with independent sites across Australia, covering both regional suburbs and capital cities. To find out more about our offerings, please visit our contact page or build your own quote request right here.

Computer screens tablets and printers on display on a table

Embedded Enabler

  • Immerse yourself in a pre-built pump control user interface, offering intuitive navigation and seamless operation.

  • Benefit from 30 days of transaction data storage, ensuring access to valuable insights, products and historical data.

  • Utilise Plug-in Distribution Modules for effortless forecourt connectivity in your service station or fuel management operations.

  • Unlock the potential for up to 12 devices or 24 fuelling positions, providing scalability and flexibility to meet your evolving fuel pump needs.

  • Expand your capabilities with optional expansion cards, enabling seamless products scalability to accommodate up to 72 filling positions.

  • Gain real-time access to forecourt status, deliveries, and other gas station critical events.

Computer unit in a display black wall room

Shelf Labels

  • A4 size sheets at 135gsm, ideal for various printing needs. Each sheet contains 33 labels, measuring 25.4 x 65mm, in a vibrant yellow/white colour combination to cover all products needs.

  • Featuring a convenient perforated style, these sheets are easy to separate for efficient use. With 500 sheets per pack, you'll have an ample supply for your labelling requirements.

Petrol station complete with labels on products

Pole Stand

  • Our model features a dual screen stand base crafted with durable aluminium alloy casing, ensuring stability and longevity.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable screen angles, allowing you to customise your viewing experience with ease. With the capability to support up to two screens, this stand maximises productivity and versatility.

Strong stand holding 2 computer screens in white room on table

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