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Health, Safety & Sustainability at QuickFuel

At QuickFuel, we believe in fostering a workplace that thrives on diversity, community engagement, health and safety, environmental consciousness, and upholding the rights of our employees. Our commitment to these principles not only makes us responsible corporate citizens but also creates an enriching work environment for our team members. Join us as we take you through the core values that define QuickFuel.

Diversity Drives Our Success

QuickFuel proudly embraces diversity, recognising the strength that comes from a team of individuals with varying backgrounds. Our workforce includes talented professionals from different races, genders, ethnicities, and religions. We go beyond mere employment by encouraging our staff to share their unique knowledge, celebrate diverse holiday occasions, and enlighten the team about their own cultures. At QuickFuel, diversity is not just a policy; it’s a celebration that enriches our workplace.


Community Connections:

We are deeply rooted in our commitment to local communities. Through working with our local Octec, we source talent locally, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve. QuickFuel actively supports local sporting clubs through discounted systems and sponsorships, believing in the power of sports to unite and inspire. We also participate in various fundraising events, from charity auctions to drive days, supporting causes such as Race against Dementia, Melbourne City Mission Sleep at the G, Bali Children’s Foundation, the Cerebral Palsey Institute and more. QuickFuel is not just a company; we are a community-driven force for positive change.


Health & Safety First, Always

The well-being of our team is our top priority at QuickFuel. Our health and safety protocols are designed to create a secure and supportive work environment. We have practices in place when staff are on location to ensure their safety is always top priority. We don’t compromise on required travel, accomodation and onsite set procedures to ensure our teams out-of-office practices feel safe regardless of where their work is required. Every team member undergoes thorough training, ensuring they have the right qualifications and safety awareness before taking on any task. We also provide resources and support to create a positive work environment and develop strong teams that can handle “pressure” and build their resilience through the following:

• Workshops around mindset wellbeing in the Workplace
• Massage chairs
• Quiet rooms
• Access to solfeggio frequencies for building focus
• Team building exercises such as team lunches, sports and regular out-of-office activities like picnics and escape rooms


Our staff  breakout area is a sanctuary with indoor plants, games, lounge, TV’s and a fully equipped kitchen with appliances for meal preparation, featuring a Ninja smoothie machine.


Championing Sustainability

QuickFuel is committed to combating climate change by adopting sustainable practices. Our recycling initiatives include using separate bins for recycling and reusing coffee trays. We minimise waste by reusing cardboard box packaging, contributing to a greener future. We aim to make a collective impact that goes beyond our individual efforts.


Core Values

At QuickFuel, we abide by employment laws, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to human rights. We have a duty of care to our staff and provide safe systems of work, information, training and supervision to ensure the entire team is looked after. In regards to consistent consultation, our HR manager is always available to discuss any matters related to health and safety. We adhere to all federal and state laws in Australia and Victoria, ensuring that our business practices align with ethical and legal standards.


Modern Slavery Commitment: Ethical Vigilance at QuickFuel

QuickFuel’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices encompasses a stand against Modern Slavery. Our approach includes robust policies, proactive risk reduction measures, and immediate notification protocols. We pledge to cooperate with service stations, engaging in due diligence to ensure ethical integrity in both our own and respective service station supply chains. QuickFuel’s dedication to eliminating Modern Slavery reflects our core values of transparency, integrity, and sustainable business practices.

Fuelling Change, Driving Success.


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