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QuickFuel interfaces to Postec forecourt controller. The Postec forecourt controller interface to almost all forecourt devices typically used in a service station. The supported forecourt devices include automatic tank gauges, price signs, vending machines, point of sale devices, car washes, EFT & CRIP units, pressure and vapour sensors, security systems, temperature controllers, refrigerators, etc.

Our architecture ensures that the system can be "tailor made" for your Service Station. This is achieved by selecting the appropriate modules from our extensive software and hardware repository. Your added advantage is that extra features can be seamlessly introduced as your needs demand. This strength ensures ensures our system is cost effective and allows you to purchase modules as you require or need them.

AlertManager has been designed to also monitor the Postec forecourt controller and send you email or SMS alerts when forecourt issues occur such as an emergency stop or price change. For more information go to the AlertManager page.

Key Features of the Postec PCC

RELIABLE - the Postec Forecourt Controller is an industrial platform with a watch-dog circuitry to handle complex power supplies and designed to operate on unmanned sites (24 hours 365 days).

SCALABLE - the Postec Forecourt Controller can be configured to economically meet the needs of the smallest station to the largest forecourt.

LAN/WAN - capable solutions: LAN/WAN connection

PROVEN - the Postec Forecourt Controller has been thoroughly tested in all its various modes on a large number of stations in a number of countries.

FREEDOM - it gives Management the FREEDOM to select the level of control they need for a service station or, network of service stations, without the worry of software and electrical incompatibility.


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