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Welcome to QuickFuel's
Point of Sale (POS) Innovation

At QuickFuel, we understand that in the fast-paced world of high-volume retail, seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences are paramount. That's why we've developed a state-of-the-art POS system tailored to meet the unique needs of your establishment. Our advanced hardware, robust software, and intuitive interface are designed to ensure that your customers enjoy a smooth and delightful visit every time.

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Customer-Facing Displays: Elevate your customer service with our customer-facing display, designed to enhance the overall experience and enable effective upselling. Integrated advertising screens on your POS terminal provide additional opportunities to engage your customers with dynamic content.


Digital Menu Boards & Advertising Panels: Capture your customers' attention with enticing digital content. Easily control and update content while displaying unlimited and multiple prices based on various factors. Link screen menus and pricing directly to the Back Office for seamless management.


Loyalty Campaigns: Build lasting customer loyalty through our versatile loyalty campaigns. Run multiple campaigns concurrently, manage them for specific time periods, and enjoy automatic features without the need for additional staff training.


POS Security: Prioritise data security, system reliability, and quick recovery with features like recent sale display, wristband readers, and auto logoff timer. Our continuous updates ensure security without compromising performance.


Pricing & Promotions: Integrate weekly specials and promotional pricing directly from POS to your label printing tools. Access our label designer for quick shelf labels with barcodes, and enjoy a single-step stock transfer process and mix-and-match promotions.

Expanded Quick Service Retail Functionalities:


  • Connect POS to unlimited kitchen printers.

  • Link items for upselling.

  • Efficient orders linked to a person's name for seamless service.

  • Voucher printing for repeat business promotion.

  • Integration with handheld order-taking and Menu Boards.

Coffee Shop Features:

  • Loyalty options like the 10th coffee free.

  • Efficient tools for coffee trade, including drive-through and web sales.

  • Unlimited menu levels for quick access.

  • Integrated EFTPOS terminals for seamless transactions.

Kitchen Video Screens:

  • Increase kitchen staff productivity.

  • Maintenance-free operation with no paper costs.

  • Powerful management reports on staff productivity.

  • Display product notes for preparation instructions.

Mobile POS: Ideal for locations with fluctuating customer traffic. Our wireless technology allows for handheld ordering, fully integrated with POS for a comprehensive solution.


Kiosk: Configurable as a self-serve kiosk for customer convenience.


Web Store: Enable customers to transact via mobile, tablet, or web browser. Reduce queues, enhance loyalty, and compete effectively with local businesses.


Drive-Thru Options: Centralised control of images and menus with automatic changes based on day and time.


QuickFuel's POS system offers a comprehensive suite of features, ensuring efficiency, security, and a delightful customer experience. Embrace the future of retail with QuickFuel - where innovation meets seamless transactions. Elevate your business, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Experience the power of QuickFuel's Point of Sale system today!

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