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Welcome to QuickFuel's Head Office Solution!

Key Features

  1. Filter Reports:

    • Customise reports based on criteria such as State, Region, Country, Store type, Zone, Store size, and more.

    • Utilise up to 36 options for each filter, enabling detailed location comparison reporting between similar stores.

  2. Automated Reporting:

    • Effortlessly manage large chains by sending reports to specific directories on an FTP file server.

    • Automatically email batch or individual reports to nominated addresses for efficient communication.

  3. Centralised Control:

    • Gain centralised control over price management and other functions, whether at the Head Office or individual sites.

    • Manage product files centrally, ensuring consistency across remote sites for effective location comparison reports.

  4. Sales Analysis:

    • Track sales and inventory in detail for every transaction.

    • Filter sales reports by site, site type, region, store theme, etc., enabling insightful comparison reporting between different sites.

  5. Remote Store Features:

    • Tailored for franchise and multi-venue environments, allowing seamless management of a chain of remote stores.

    • Connect POS Terminals in remote stores directly to Head Office or manage them at a store level with daily updates.

    • Utilize FTP file transfer for automatic data transfers between central and remote stores.

  6. Web Reports:

    • Access web dashboards 24/7 from any web-enabled device for live reports.

    • Drill down to source transactions with real-time data accessibility.

    • Create custom reports and export data to Excel for comprehensive business intelligence analysis.

  7. Portable Data Terminal:

    • Optimize stock management with a handheld terminal supporting stocktaking, order creation, receipt, and price checks.

    • Enjoy benefits such as quick stock-takes, easy barcode scanning, and the ability to create orders on the terminal.

  8. Door Controller Module:

    • Ideal for sites with restricted areas or facilities.

    • Members swipe cards for door access, with real-time verification against the QuickFuel database.

    • Maintain control over fire doors or security doors with a manual override option.

User Benefits of Portable Data Terminal (PDT):

  • Efficient stock-takes with barcode or PLU scanning.

  • Quick and accurate stocktake process.

  • Product descriptions displayed on the screen during scanning.

  • Multiple PDTs for large sites.

  • Auto power-off feature for battery conservation.

  • Ability to identify and add new barcodes to the system.

  • Variance tracking before committing the stocktake.

  • Creation of purchase orders and stock receipts on the PDT.

QuickFuel's Head Office solution offers a comprehensive set of features for effective management, ensuring streamlined operations for franchise and multi-store environments. Trust us to meet your unique challenges and elevate your business to new heights.


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