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QuickFuel Back Office: Streamlining Business Operations with Power and Precision

Welcome to QuickFuel's Back Office – the beating heart of our comprehensive system designed to revolutionize your business management. Unleash the power of efficiency, reliability, and control with a user-friendly interface and robust features that make business management a breeze.

Unmatched Usability

Experience intuitive menus and reports that simplify operations, creating an uncluttered, professional interface for seamless workflow. Quick access menus ensure efficient navigation, complemented by comprehensive online help and step-by-step instructions. With single-click access to menus and reports, efficiency is at your fingertips.

Fortified Security Access

Our advanced security features provide user-specific access, ensuring tight control over your business. In a multisite environment, restrict staff access to specific locations seamlessly. We've also integrated with the POS-Vision Fraud-Watch DVR system to fortify your business against potential fraud.

Terminal Cash Off Excellence

The manager-focused Terminal Cash Off function allows for seamless reconciliation of POS totals entered by cashiers. Adjust incorrect figures with precision before committing them to the system, guaranteeing accurate financial records.

Elevate Sales & Cash Management

Effortlessly reconcile cash for each POS Terminal, with real-time updating of reports for instant business analysis. The Electronic Journal captures every POS transaction, while half-hourly sales reports with customer counts optimise staffing for peak efficiency.

Intuitive Product Screen

Logical and easy-to-manage product entry screens empower your team. Utilise the Quick Edit screen for a spreadsheet-like interface, making price changes and updates across POS Terminals a breeze. Weekly specials, scheduled price changes, and automatic Happy Hour pricing add further flexibility.

Masterful Stock Management

Monitor inventory levels, reduce overstocking and theft with handheld portable data entry terminals for quick inventory counts. Our multi-level recipe control and multi-location inventory management features set reorder points based on sales history, ensuring optimal stock turnover.

Seamless Suppliers and Vendors Integration

Manage products efficiently by ordering in cases but tracking in single units. Link inventory items to multiple suppliers with purchase history. Track suppliers and manufacturers for rebate schemes, with average freight cost calculations for true cost per item. Electronic trading interfaces streamline operations further.

Staff and Time Clock Management

Clock in/clock out at the POS for precise time and attendance tracking. Commission schemes based on product group sales, coupled with time and attendance reports, streamline staff management. The search facility allows for a quick view of any sales transactions for a particular clerk.

Enhanced Security Measures

Reduce clutter by displaying only accessible options. User log-on accounts with limited access ensure a secure environment. Integration with POS-Vision Fraud-Watch DVR enables the review of recorded transactions, while complex search filters in the electronic journal provide quick video retrieval.

Customer Accounts Integration

Integrated with POS Terminals for real-time updates, set credit limits, and date restrictions at the Point of Sale. Enjoy unlimited transaction history for all account customers, complete with professional account statements in various formats.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Access a wide range of concise reports with filter options. Print, email, or export reports to Excel for in-depth analysis. Utilise dashboards for customised displays on a second screen or video monitor. The day-sheet provides a snapshot of daily activities and key business KPIs.

Unparalleled Reliability

Built on a reliable platform for years of service, QuickFuel's Back Office offers data file storage of up to 10GB with SQL Server Express Edition. Network-ready for larger sites with multiple concurrent users, automatic backups with cloud backup options ensure data security.

Back Office Feature Summary

Experience the full spectrum of business analytics with clerk performance, top seller, and slow-moving product reports. Comprehensive site analysis tools, Terminal Cash Off function with audit-ability, daily banking calculator, and an intelligent product management interface await. Benefit from unlimited stock buy price and effective date-time product updates, automatic margin, mark-up, and price level calculation. Purchase ordering with margin check and powerful shelf label printing, along with a portable data terminal interface for various functions. Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party B2B interfaces for a business management experience like never before.


QuickFuel's Back Office empowers businesses with comprehensive tools for effective management, ensuring reliability and streamlining operations. Elevate your business – fuel your success with QuickFuel.


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